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                Category: Digital Transformation
                Digital Transformation Research & Intelligence

                How Adversarial Testing Complements Incident Response

                Jake Dorval and Jeffrey Carpenter

                Combining the specialized skills from Secureworks® Incident Response and Adversarial Security Testing in a single engagement delivers results that supersede traditional delivery models. Read More

                Digital Transformation

                3 Ways CISOs and DPOs Can Work Better Together

                NK McCarthy

                With Data Privacy Officer (DPO) positions on the rise, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) should lean on existing business mechanisms to define roles and swim lanes Read More

                Digital Transformation

                6 Ways COVID-19 has Affected the Priorities of Security Leaders

                Scott Leach

                It’s no exaggeration to say COVID-19 has dramatically impacted organizations globally, with the majority of office workers shifting to remote environments. For security leaders, the scramble to enable remote workers has changed security strategies, priorities, and workflows overnight. Read More

                Digital Transformation

                Think MFA is Hack-Proof? Think Again

                Jacob Dorval - Secureworks Adversary Group

                During a recent engagement, the Secureworks® Adversary Group proved once again that there isn’t a magic bullet to prevent compromise, but there is every reason to test for vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity defenses. Read More

                Digital Transformation Business Imperatives

                Can HIPAA Help Secure the Healthcare Space? A COVID-19 Update

                Brian Dean

                The regulatory body for HIPAA recently announced it will recognize an organization’s good faith efforts to protect health information as covered entities rapidly deploy telehealth technologies during the COVID-19 crisis. But is this safe harbor a free pass? We don’t think so. Here are some pragmatic ways to demonstrate your due diligence while managing the risk of a PHI breach. Read More