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                Nicaragua Trip: Post 2

                By: Corey Merchant

                Today was a recreation/team-building day in preparation for the work and other experiences that start in earnest tomorrow. It was the furthest thing from easy.

                We climbed the volcano Cerro Negro. The hardest path up is roughly 2100 feet up at about 45 degrees on volcanic rock. It was not so much climbing but swimming in pebbles. If you?ve seen the end of a ultra-marathon with people wobbling, collapsing and more then you have the right kind of picture in your mind.

                Everyone made a great effort to reach the top but not everyone made it. An incredible memory no matter what. For those who did make the peak, the view from the top was like a vista scene from Jurassic Park. We could also see down into the smoking crater.

                The real work starts tomorrow.

                Daily Photos:

                Going up the volcano

                Resting on the volcano

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