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                Global Threat Intelligence Summit 2022: Because We’re All in This Together

                Meet us at the intersection of threat intelligence, human experience, and the latest insight into today’s adversaries. By: Stacy Leidwinger, VP of Portfolio Marketing
                Cybersecurity is a unique technology discipline. Software developers, data miners, and cybermedia engineers are all generally charged with achieving competitive advantages for their organizations — so they’re essentially in competition with each other. Security is exactly the opposite. The safer you are, the safer we all are. That is powerful motivation to act collaboratively for the common good.


                When you attend our free, virtual Global Threat Intelligence Summit 2022, happening live September 29 at 9AM EST (or on-demand for those who cannot attend live), you’re doing something bigger for your cybersecurity and the security of those around you.

                This one-day event is packed with high-value, actionable insight into both the present threat landscape and emerging trends in malicious cyberactivity. You’ll come away from the summit better prepared to prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats and help your cybersecurity peers, executive staff, and overall organization improve cyber defenses.

                Here are just some of the sessions you’ll benefit from. You can also view the full agenda here:

                • How one especially effective Chinese APT group now uses shellcodes and loaders to get their payload files executed on target hosts

                • How to protect your organization’s growing cloud footprint from identity-based attacks on Azure Active Directory

                • How “drive-by downloads” remain a destructive entry point through threats like SocGholish, GootLoader, and Dark Tortilla

                • How to best utilize the four to five days of “dwell time” you may have to intercept an active ransomware threat

                • How information stealers currently operationalize and even sell their tactics — and what you can do to protect yourself

                • How the most prolific launchers of COBALT MIRAGE attacks (an Iranian APT group) are often edged out by other (Russian-speaking) ransomware actors

                • How Ransomware-as-a-Service has driven improvements in TTPs, while also allowing investigators to zero in on telltale threat indicators

                These presentations are all short and sweet — so you’ll get maximum value out of the time you invest. Plus, you’ll be able to earn CPE credits per (ISC)2 by participating in the summit’s interactive events.

                Collaboration and knowledge are powerful when it comes to cybersecurity. And few events offer as much knowledge as Secureworks Global Threat Intelligence Summit. Help amplify that power by coming together with us on September 29 — sign up today!

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