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                Get Smart With Your Cyber Security

                By: Susan Asher

                As the old TV crime fighter Maxwell Smart might say, “Would you believe...?” Would you believe that in August, a cyber-attack was launched via a third-party vendor on the New York Times website as well as on a dozen other organizations? According to the Ponemon Institute 2013 Securing Outsourced Consumer Data Report, 65 percent of organizations surveyed had an information security breach involving consumer data outsourced to a vendor, and 64 percent said it happened more than once. That’s why you have got to know about the cyber security posture of your third-party vendors and the ways they handle IT security issues with their own vendors.

                Weak Links Cause Cyber Security Breach

                Cyber thieves, known to Max as “CONTROL,” will do whatever it takes to access your network, including breaking into one of your vendor partners to accomplish the task. You are only as secure as your weakest link. That’s why we offer Information Security and Risk Consulting Services that assess the network security profile of your vendors and affiliates while also giving you an analysis of the risks posed to your organization. Our IT Security Consultants will also provide specific recommendations for improving your network security posture when working with partners.

                Continuous Cyber- Attack from One Missed Malware

                If you do suffer a cyber security breach, contact an Information Security Consultant immediately to help you resolve it. The longer cyber attackers are in your network, the more time they have to access your information and create secret “backdoors” that allow them to re-enter your network. That is the biggest problem we see when organizations try to remove malware themselves. Attackers usually have planted more malware and backdoors than organizations find, allowing the villains to easily re-enter the network.

                Incident Response for Cyber Security Planning

                Every organization on the Internet is susceptible to a cyber-attack. Incident Response can be a very high-stress process, even if you have a well-defined plan. Responding to an incident can take several days, even when key individuals work around the clock. With a Dell SecureWorks Standard Incident Response Retainer, an organization is guaranteed to have an Information Security Expert onsite as quickly as 24 hours and also have the support from our Security Operations Center (SOC).

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