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                IT Security Challenges and Your Information Security Budget: Where the Pressure Will Come From

                By: Secureworks

                What do senior information security leaders see as the top 3 IT security challenges that will put pressure on their information security budgets over the next year?  We interviewed five senior security leaders in order to answer this question.

                Although these IT security leaders operate in different fields of business and have diverse contexts within which they view data security, there are remarkable similarities to the security challenges they expect to encounter over the next year - most of which revolve around time, effort, and people.

                The seven-minute video containing their full responses to this question is available via our Efficient Security Resource Center under "videos": What are your top 3 security challenges?

                Top Challenges IT Security Leaders Expect for Information Security Budgets

                For your quick and easy reference, here are the top challenges that these security leaders expect will put pressure on their information security budgets over the next year:

                1. Finding talented Information Security Professionals with the right data security and IT skill sets needed in order to?
                2. Put the time and effort on the task of classifying all of the company's data and?
                3. Building out frameworks that support mobility and BYOD needs while still protecting the company's network and preventing interruptions to the business.
                4. All of this is part of treating information security as a full life-cycle management issue - not as a project, but as an ongoing initiative,
                5. And realizing that they need to lean on external experts for, at the very least, two very important things: vetting the data security stature of cloud utilities and ensuring the regulatory compliance of each entity involved with handling the company's data, including themselves.

                When it comes to efficiently addressing data security, taking a strategic long-term approach to your information security needs can help you focus your expenditures in ways that are predictable, long-lasting, and allow you to do more with your security budget.

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