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                Dell SecureWorks Advanced Threat Resource Center Offers Education and Tools

                By: Secureworks

                Advanced threats - including Advanced Persistent Threats, or APT- are a growing concern for organisations of all types and sizes. While some skeptics might dismiss the term as a marketing buzzword, the reality is that well-resourced hackers are actively targeting information and systems, and are using novel and sophisticated methods to do so. Given the number of recent high-profile breaches, and increasing concern that companies do not have control over their data that they thought they had, security and advanced threats are now being discussed at the boardroom level.

                Many organisations still don't understand what advanced threats are, though, much less how to detect them, defend against them, and respond to them. Even large companies may find it hard to justify the resources to address advanced threats if they haven't had a major security incident. The problem with that rationale, of course, is that advanced threats are often not discovered until they cause serious damage or a data breach.

                To help organisations better understand advanced threats and how they differ from commodity threats or everyday security issues, Dell SecureWorks launched the Advanced Threat Resource Centre. You'll find whitepapers, videos, webcasts and other content on advanced threats that discuss their characteristics, lifecycle, how to detect them, and how to develop a pragmatic program to address them. You can even take a short Incident Response Preparedness Survey to find out how well your organisation is equipped to handle a breach or critical security incident.

                You'll also find links to recent webcasts, including "Anatomy of an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)," "Detecting and Resisting Advanced Persistent Threats, and "Breached! How to Respond to and Eradicate the APT in Your Network." These webcasts provide real world examples of the impact of the threats as well as how we've helped companies respond to them.

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