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                Don Jackson Interviewed in 60 Minutes' “The Internet Is Infected”

                By: Secureworks

                Lesley Stahl with 60 Minutes interviewed Don Jackson, SecureWorks' Director of Threat Intelligence, for a report that ran yesterday about the prevalence of malware on the Internet. Don spoke mostly about the business of cybercrime and the organized gangs behind much of the theft going on today. Interestingly, much of the report focused on Conficker -a threat that we've done a good bit of reporting on ourselves.

                Overall, I think Lesley and 60 Minutes did a really good job with the piece. If you've been paying attention to information security, there's really nothing new in the report. But for the general population of PC owners out there, this helps to serve as a much needed eye opener.

                Here's the link to the video: Part 1 | Part 2

                And here's a link to the CBS Transcript

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