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                Digital Transformation

                Cybersecurity that Protects You from Future Threats

                Optimize your investments and be prepared for whatever future threats may target your organization By: David Puzas

                With digital, IT and workforce transformation taking center stage, attackers will use them to compromise your network unless your environment is already set up to deflect attacks and minimize the impact of new threats. BYOD, Wi-Fi, mobile computing, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things have all seen their share of threats. Already an IoT attack caused widespread disruption of internet activity around the U.S., and with IoT growth predicted to be in the billions, it will bring far more threats. Whether it's new IoT devices that will soon connect to your network or something else that's new in technology, you have to be sure your network will be prepared to handle the risks. For years, organizations have been stuck in a vicious cycle buying the latest security devices to stop the latest threats. As well as spending money on the devices themselves, organizations spend money on training people to maintain them or they don't manage them at all, allowing threats to stay in a network for months.

                The only way to end that cycle of continually buying new devices and training and hiring more people to work them is by having a system in place that protects your environment now and in the future no matter what new threats and technology are heading down the pipeline. That system "future-proofs" your environment, providing you with the people, processes and vendor-agnostic technology to defend your company.

                The SecureWorks Approach to Future-Proof Security

                When SecureWorks future-proofs your environment, you optimize existing investments in your current cybersecurity technologies. They connect to our SaaS-based vendor-agnostic Counter Threat Platform™ (CTP), which is fed threat intelligence and countermeasures from our Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) research team, our incident response team, third-party sources and from log data we receive daily from hundreds of thousands of security devices, including SIEMs, firewalls, and routers, from our 4,400+ clients (companies and organizations) in 61 countries. All that data gives SecureWorks unprecedented visibility, context and intelligence surrounding the threat landscape, allowing us to create countermeasures and signatures that minimize the amount of high-severity incidents to block attacks (for clients who have our managed firewalls, our proprietary managed/monitored IDPS services, and/or Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection and Protection solutions), and to maintain control and visibility of your network via the SecureWorks next-generation client portal. This helps ensure you focus only on the most critical events as we monitor and help defend your network 24 hours a day.

                The CTP is a proprietary platform that correlates and analyzes billions of events daily from hundreds of thousands of security devices. It uses machine learning to make decisions based on data our security researchers and analysts input regarding alerts they review, helping perfect its managed threat detection and hasten the time it takes to alert organizations of threat activity in their network. Alerts not automatically confirmed as true-positives by the CTP are analyzed by our security analysts. Once activity is confirmed as a likely threat, security experts feed the data discovered back into the CTP, contact the affected company and provide actionable guidance on removing the threat.

                Even if your SIEM can't pull in all your data from all the different brands of security technologies you and any company you merge with have, the CTP can. The CTP gives you command-and-control under one pane of glass to help prevent security breaches, detect malicious activity, respond rapidly when a breach occurs, and predict the tactics, technics and procedures the hackers are going to use next. If you need to spin a cloud up and down just for a short time, you can get short-term security for it without buying something new. Future-proofing ensures you have security now and in the future, when, where and however long you need it.

                Download the future-proof white paper "Move beyond Secure Hybrid IT to Achieve Future-Proof Security."

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