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                Cybersecurity Programs of the Future: What Will ‘Bench Strength’ Look Like?

                In the age of digital transformation, resiliency and agility are key to adapting your technology and workforce to an ever-evolving threat landscape that expands beyond the perimeter By: Secureworks

                Historically, organizations have often viewed security strictly as an IT function, but with digital transformation fundamentally changing the pace and structure of business, effective security programs are engaging in business strategy conversations earlier. The way we view human capital, both in and outside of the security function, is changing too. The security perimeter is vanishing with the adoption of BYOD and remote workforce policies, creating new ways for employees to be the entry point for threat actors. As they face these more complex environments, security teams are looking for a boost from artificial intelligence to safeguard assets on premise, off premise and in the cloud. With simply too many technologies generating too much data to manage, plus a global shortage of cybersecurity professionals, it's time to look at new strategies for staying ahead of the curve. By addressing today's common people-centric risk factors, organizations can better define and plan for tomorrow's success, optimizing their security investments, minimizing risk and enabling innovation.

                Click to download the Cybersecurity Programs of the Future: What Will 'Bench Strength' Look Like? Infographic.

                cybersecurity programs of the future infographic

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