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                Digital Transformation

                Cybersecurity is Changing. So Are We.

                We are proud to put our 20 years of industry knowledge, advanced analytics, industry-leading threat intelligence and the network effect of more than 4,000 clients in your hands. By: Jaime Mehra

                Over the last two decades, the security industry has changed dramatically. Security environments are frustratingly fragmented. Data travels in all directions, in unfathomable quantities, and at lightning speed. Even the most well-ordered security stacks are a varied mix of vendors and tools. Security professionals are bombarded by a dizzying array of alerts and faced with an ever-increasing list of menial tasks. Teams struggle to find the talent they need, and many feel overwhelmed.

                All the while, threat actors are evolving their tactics, collaborating and using advanced tools and techniques to evade detection. Between the layers of our security environments, they take cover in the noise to act with stealth.

                Twenty Years in Cybersecurity

                Founded in 1999, we at Secureworks® have seen untold numbers of vendors come and go. During all the turbulence and change, we've earned a position as a leader in the industry thanks to our managed services and solutions, deep threat intelligence, and our unremitting determination to evolve faster than the threat. Since opening our doors, we have been 100% focused on security with one goal in mind – defending organizations from adversaries in all their forms. By combining the power of advanced analytics with the security expertise and experience of our teams, we've helped organizations detect and respond to more threats than ever before. Through our services and solutions, we have freed analysts from never-ending false alerts to enable security pros to focus more on what matters.

                But progress is not a straight line. The adversary will never give up, and as such, we will never become complacent or rest on our history. Our adversary is dynamic and integrated, yet the industry is dispersed and disconnected. This has left gaps between the powerful tools for threat actors to exploit. And so, breaches keep occurring.

                This must change. For the good guys to succeed, we need to rethink security. We need to come together, collaborate and share knowledge more quickly than before. We need a way to rapidly iterate to respond to threats in real-time and build an industry where tools and services complement each other perfectly.

                Where Do We Go from Here?

                Secureworks has created a product that we are confident will change security for the better.

                We built it with an obsessive focus on one goal: to revolutionize how the world practices cybersecurity.

                We know that an increasing number of organizations want to be more self-sufficient but lack the technology and resources. We know you need quick access to threat intelligence that helps you detect more advanced threats. We know you want automation to dramatically increase the fidelity of alerts and the speed to response. And we know you need to be able to collaborate quickly. In short, your security – all security – needs to be more intuitive, responsive and integrated.

                We're Not a Services Company – We're a Security Company

                Our threat intelligence allows us to adopt the malicious hacker's mindset to beat them at their own game. Now we can put that power directly in your hands.

                Red Cloak® Threat Detection and Response (TDR) brings the speed and precision of software as a service to cybersecurity so that you can act quickly and beat threats that matter.

                We engineered Red Cloak TDR to make perfect sense to security professionals and streamline collaboration. By combining our proprietary advanced analytics algorithms with decades of industry-leading SecOps expertise and intelligent automation, our software empowers you to do more independently and with more confidence.

                Red Cloak TDR enables you to take security into your own hands. It reduces alerts, helps you see more in your environment and suggests intelligent responses drawn from our deep knowledge of the adversary. It monitors activity across cloud, network, endpoint and business devices. A built-in chat box gives you quick access to our team of experts on the occasions you need a second opinion before acting.

                TDR is the first in a suite of applications that will make security as dynamic and effective as your threat landscape demands. We plan to continuously integrate with third-party data sources and solutions to help you make the most of your environment.

                Our aim is to create software that arms you with the capabilities of an advanced cybersecurity company, without having to build one.

                You promote human progress. We help secure it.

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