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                Building Board Confidence in Cybersecurity Risk Management

                New report aids board-management discussion of sound security practices, strategic investment By: Secureworks

                With many companies increasing their cybersecurity investment this fiscal year, and the Administration following suit with a proposed $19 billion spend, this is a good time for organizational leaders to reflect on whether they’re spending those dollars strategically. The fact is, the adversary isn’t particularly worried about us spending more. They’re worried about how we might do it.   

                To help C-level executives and board members gain some clarity on the elements of a strategic versus reactive approach to cybersecurity, Dell SecureWorks this week released the Board of Directors Edition of our State of Cybersecurity Report, 2015. It highlights important topics for discussion between the board, C-suite and information security officers so that directors can be more confident in their oversight of the investment being made to manage cybersecurity risks.  From assessing the likely threats to managing incident response, the report provides a wealth of information about what constitutes an effective cybersecurity strategy that both protects and enables the business. Also see the full-length Leadership Edition of this report for information security and technology leaders.

                The Dell SecureWorks State of Cybersecurity is not your average security report, but rather an interactive resource that provides a comprehensive view of security trends, insights and recommendations made possible by integrating intelligence from our top security researchers, thousands of client's data globally, and more than a decade of experience protecting organizations across industries.  The Board of Directors edition is condensed to focus more on the board and c-suite roles in risk oversight and risk management.

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