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                Browser Memory Models – Firefox Catching Up?

                By: Dennis Dwyer

                Mozilla Firefox has long been my browser of choice. Even though Firefox has not surpassed IE's market share on the web, there are several features that make the browser indispensable to many of us. Firebug, NoScript, AdBlock Plus, Tamper Data, and the entire plugin architecture are must-haves!

                Today, both the Google Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers have a multi-process memory model, which allows each browser tab or component to run in its own memory space. A tab that crashes in this case will not affect other pages. This is great, except that it does not apply to Firefox. If one of my tabs crashes, the entire browser must be restarted.

                Until now! Recently announced was a radical change to Firefox's memory model. A new project called Electrolysis aims to outfit Firefox with multi-process capabilities. This is great news for Firefox fans. The Electrolysis page states that a future goal of the new memory model may be to provide security enhancements as well.

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