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                Black Hat 2019: Meet the Future of Threat Detection and Response

                The future is bright for cybersecurity – and Secureworks® is headed to Black Hat 2019 to show you why. By: Secureworks

                We're building a world in which threat intelligence, SecOps knowledge, advanced data science and automation are readily available to security analysts through elastic, cloud-native applications.

                We see the SOC of the future transformed by ready access to up-to-date threat intelligence and machine learning that can detect threats by behavior alone. It's a place where security is fortified for all using insights taken from the vast amounts of collective customer data we analyze daily. The SOC of the future is a place where our decades of experience on the security frontlines are at your fingertips, along with advanced AI and automation. It's a place where security is faster, simpler and more precise.

                Our journey toward that vision starts with Red Cloak™ Threat Detection & Response (TDR) – an app that uses detectors built on advanced machine learning to help you quickly and precisely detect and respond to threats in your environment. But that's not all it does – join us on the floor of Black Hat at booth 154 where we'll be happy to show you more of what makes Red Cloak TDR so powerful. For more information, download the ESG Red Cloak Solution Showcase.

                Services, transformed

                We're also incredibly excited to launch the next generation of our Managed Detection & Response offering at Black Hat 2019. Called MDR powered by Red Cloak, this service is built on our Red Cloak Threat Detection & Response application and is managed by a team of Secureworks security analysts. Using their in-depth security expertise, our analysts hunt, track and defend against adversaries for you. Come see us at booth 154 and ask us how we can help you rapidly detect and respond to advanced threats.

                Speaker Sessions (and swag)

                Technology is changing how SOCs operate. At Black Hat this year, Secureworks will present two sponsored workshops that look at how technology can transform security – but only if applied intelligently. Nash Borges and Tim Vidas are presenting a workshop on data science, while Terry McGraw and Matt DeMatteo will demonstrate how technology like AI and automation is used in SOCs today. For full details on the sponsored workshops and other speaker sessions, see below.

                Of course, it wouldn't be Black Hat without some serious swag. This year, we’re giving out Red Cloak branded hoodies to the first 50 attendees of each of our 2 sponsored workshops – that’s 100 hoodies in total. Arrive early to get yours. We'll also be screen-printing t-shirts on-site in our booth. Simply choose a design and have your shirt screen-printed while you wait. Naturally there will also be stickers – lots and lots of stickers. Don't forget to visit us at booth 154 and grab a sheet for yourself. See you on the floor.

                Sponsored Workshops

                The Future SOC: How Machine Learning and Crowd-Powered Big Data is Transforming Security

                Date: Wednesday, August 7th
                Time: 10:20am- 11:10am
                Location: Mandalay Bay Ballroom J
                Speakers: Nash Borges, Senior Director of Engineering and Data Science; Tim Vidas, Senior Distinguished Engineer

                Data science applied to vendor-independent data, multi-device telemetry, and world-class threat intelligence is rapidly transforming the future of security operations. By pairing machine and human intelligence, organizations with limited resources can now detect and respond to unknown threats faster and with unprecedented accuracy. In an industry forever locked in an adversarial battle with increasingly sophisticated actors, Tim Vidas, Distinguished Senior Engineer and Nash Borges, Senior Director of Engineering and Data Science, demonstrate how to apply the right machine learning and deep learning techniques to the right data and threat intelligence to outpace and outmaneuver adversaries.

                Advanced Analytics and the World-Class SOC of the Future

                Date: Wednesday, August 7th
                Time: 11:30am-12:20pm
                Location: Mandalay Bay Ballroom J
                Speakers: Terry McGraw, VP Strategic Planning and Delivery Transformation and Matt DeMatteo, Global Solution Lead

                Running a world-class SOC boils down to how quickly you can detect, respond and remediate advanced threats. Keeping pace with adversaries is a race, and defenders are falling behind more each day. To regain the edge, SOC leaders must evolve toward a new approach to combining human and machine intelligence. Terry McGraw knows a thing or two about running the world's most advanced SOCs. He has a decade in military security operations and deep experience at Secureworks. He and Matt DeMatteo will take attendees through advanced analytics tools, automation, real world use cases and a demonstration of Red Cloak Threat Detection and Response – a cloud-native security analytics application.

                Other Speaker Sessions

                Scale Your Security Operations with MDR

                Date: Wednesday, August 7th and Thursday, August 8th
                Time: 3:00pm-3:30pm (August 7) and 11:30am-12:00pm (August 8th)
                Location: Booth 154 presentation theater
                Speaker: Matt DeMatteo, Global Solution Lead

                How much can MDR help you scale your security operations? With the help of security analytics, a great deal. In this presentation Matt DeMatteo outlines the benefits of MDR built on security analytics, including the scalability and elasticity that comes with using software to deliver MDR.

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