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                Look What I've Found: Actual Penetration Test Results from the Field

                By: Dell SecureWorks

                Transcribed Webcast

                If conducted properly, penetration testing (pen tests) can uncover your weakest information security links, sharpen your security defenses, help you stay compliant and help you inform senior management about the real risks to your organization from security vulnerabilities in your network. In this eye-opening presentation, Matt Romanek, senior security consultant at Dell SecureWorks, shares actual results from a penetration test and demonstrates how a good penetration tester can think like a hacker, recommend remediation and leave you smarter than before he came. Matt explains the differences between vulnerability assessments and pen testing and shows how he was able to exploit a vulnerability to gain access to one organization's IT network, HR system, physical security monitoring system, and more. This is a fascinating presentation.

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