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                September 7, 2021

                Open Video Letter to Our Customers & Partners

                A message from Secureworks President and CEO, Wendy Thomas, as she introduces herself and her commitments to our customers and partners.

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                Wendy Thomas - CEO
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                Video Transcript

                September 7th, 2021

                Hello, and thank you for your partnership with Secureworks®.

                I’m Wendy Thomas, and it’s my privilege to serve as the next Secureworks President and CEO. Though I’ve officially stepped into the CEO role this week, I’ve been with Secureworks for over nine years, most recently as President, focused on Customer Success, and just prior to that, as Chief Product Officer. I’ve been fortunate to meet with – and learn from – many of you during that time, and I look forward to meeting many more of you in the days ahead.

                Today is about reinforcing our commitment to you - our commitment to helping you achieve optimal security outcomes. Because the world’s reliance on your organizations—or your customers’ organizations—to continue to operate securely in this progressively digital, virtually enabled world subject to a complex threat landscape, has only grown in the past year.

                And it is our responsibility to help you make sense of this evolving landscape and succeed within it.

                Because we’re in the security fight with a high purpose: to Secure Human Progress. That’s what drives us at Secureworks.

                And we hear from you and other prospective customers about “the big 3” - that you’re looking to reduce overall risk to your organization, that you’re looking to optimize your security investments as you do that, and you need help navigating the shortage of security talent.

                And whether you represent the schools and universities preparing the next generation of leaders; Or serve the healthcare space, providing quality health services for your community; Or you run the financial services and manufacturing companies responsible for so much of what’s important to all of us in our everyday life: Our job at Secureworks is to make sure you have the security solutions you need to fulfill your mission on behalf of your team members and your customers.

                When you come to us, we know you are looking for solutions that will reduce your risk for every dollar spent. And it’s not just about reducing risk. Our goal is to be a business enabler for you, to allow you to run fast toward your goals and to contribute to your organization’s success.

                We understand that it’s important to be able to respond to an evolving threat landscape, and we are here to help you do that— faster, better, stronger—to keep your organizations operating securely.

                My focus as CEO, and our entire team, is with you: our customers and our partners. And we will continue to build and develop innovative technology that helps automate the fight against the adversary and allow your teams to focus their time where it’s needed most.

                And we remain committed to not just listen to your feedback, but also to be transparent and accountable to act. One of my top priorities in both product and customer success roles here was to better demonstrate a rapid pace of innovation, agility, transparency, and responsiveness with our customers and our partners to ensure your experience with us—from your earliest initial engagement with us and each day there after—is one that makes your day-to-day life easier. We are continually seeking opportunities to ensure we’re not only meeting, but proactively anticipating and supporting your needs over time.

                And we are always deepening our understanding of the threat landscape. Our Counter Threat Unit’s™ proactive research and tracking of more than 110 active threat groups is designed to keep you ahead of emerging threats. And through our Incident Response engagements, which were 600 reactive engagements last year alone, we stay close to the adversaries’ tactics, techniques, and procedures to detect and protect against advanced threats.

                This is honorable work. Hard work, to be sure, but you only have to see the impact of a serious security breach once to recognize the gravity and the global importance of what we do together.

                I’m fortunate to work with an incredibly dedicated and talented team across Secureworks, all of whom are equally driven by our mission. They’re the best in the business.

                On behalf of our entire team, thank you for your continued partnership and support. My door is always open—or in these days, my email is always open—and I welcome and encourage your feedback as we continue our journey together. We are stronger together as a united community against our common enemy and, at the pace we must move to outmaneuver the adversary, it’s critical that we’re continuing to listen and learn from each other so we can best help you fulfill your mission.

                Thank you.  

                Wendy Thomas
                President and Chief Executive Officer, Secureworks

                June 3rd, 2021

                Open Letter to Our Customers & Partners

                To our valued customers & partners,

                Today, after nearly 20 years serving as Secureworks Chief Executive Officer, I am announcing my upcoming retirement from Secureworks effective Sept. 3, 2021.

                With my full support and recommendation, the Secureworks Board of Directors has unanimously appointed current Secureworks President of Customer Success Wendy Thomas to succeed me as the company's next President and CEO effective Sept. 3, 2021.

                I have put a lot of thought and preparation into this decision, working closely with our Board of Directors in recent years to prepare for this transition. When I joined Secureworks in 2002, I joined a small team of experts with an ambitious vision to protect organizations against the growing threat of cybercrime. It was clear that technology would increasingly integrate within our businesses and personal lives, and I joined to help the team create a sustainable business model that would allow us to execute our vision and protect your companies for years to come.

                Now, nearly 20 years later, Secureworks is a global leader in the industry with the best threat intelligence and products to secure your business. In that time, we have learned how to grow and adapt against a changing market as threat actors continue to evolve their tactics, techniques, and even their business models. Secureworks will continue to grow, and I'm excited for it to do so under Wendy Thomas' leadership and perspective. I've had the privilege of knowing Wendy for almost 15 years and am confident she is the best person to lead this company forward.

                For those that don't already know Wendy, she is a diplomatic, strategic leader with a sharp focus on helping create optimal security outcomes for your teams. Wendy has been with Secureworks for nine years, first joining the finance team in 2008. We worked closely together in 2011 to orchestrate our acquisition by Dell Technologies, and she rejoined the team in 2015 to support our IPO. During this period, Wendy has taken on a diversity of functional and strategic leadership roles, with roles across finance, product, strategy, and operations. She currently leads our customer success organization, encompassing product & engineering, operations, customer experience, and our threat intelligence-focused Counter Threat Unit™.

                Wendy will continue Secureworks' strategic transformation to build a stronger security community in our collective fight against the adversary, with a software-driven approach that is grounded in our security expertise. Over the next several months, I will work closely with Wendy to ensure a smooth and successful transition and will continue to serve as an advisor for a year after Sept. 3.

                My sincerest thanks to each and every one of you for your partnership, whether you've been a member of the Secureworks community for 20 years or 20 days. It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve you and protect your organizations.

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                Michael R. Cote
                Chief Executive Officer, Secureworks

                Open Video Letter to Our Customers & Partners

                Please take a moment to watch my special video about our recent acquisition of Delve and the value this brings to each of you.

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                Michael R. Cote, CEO
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                September 22nd, 2020

                We’re bringing Delve into Secureworks at a time when we’re accelerating our transformation and have marked momentum for our software solutions.

                Thanks again for allowing us to be your trusted security partner.


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                Michael R. Cote
                Chief Executive Officer, Secureworks


                September 9, 2020 |  traduction en française

                Open Letter to Our Customers & Partners

                To our valued customers & partners,

                Today we signed a definitive agreement to acquire Delve Laboratories, which is transforming automated vulnerability management. [Note: The organization is best known as Delve,]

                Delve was the first to launch an AI-driven vulnerability prioritization solution. And we share a common value – passion about securing business – your business.

                Delve automates asset discovery, asset classification, vulnerability scanning and prioritization across the network, endpoints and cloud. Delve can help you more effectively defend against the most threatening adversaries.

                Delve’s AI-driven vulnerability prioritization software and Secureworks’ end-to-end capabilities are a powerful combination and will further enhance our the Secureworks® Taegis™ XDR platform. The Delve software will be available for sale through Secureworks shortly after the transaction closes, and we will keep you informed as we further expand the capabilities of their AI platform.

                To Delve customers, we look forward to introducing you to the Secureworks team and demonstrating our purpose to secure human progress by outpacing and outmaneuvering the adversary.

                On a personal note, I’d like to thank those of you who have trusted Secureworks with securing your workforce and safeguarding your business. On behalf of our incredible and resilient team, we are grateful to be your partners.

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                Michael R. Cote
                Chief Executive Officer, Secureworks

                Lettre ouverte aux clients et partenaires

                Chers clients et partenaires,

                Aujourd’hui, nous avons signé une entente définitive visant la fusion avec Delve, une société qui transforme la gestion automatisée des vulnérabilités. [Remarque : L’organisation est connue sous l’appellation Delve.]

                Delve a été la première à lancer une solution de priorisation des vulnérabilités basée sur l’intelligence artificielle. Tout comme nous, elle est passionnée par la sécurité des entreprises, et de la vôtre en particulier.

                Delve automatise la découverte des actifs et leur classification, l’évaluation de la vulnérabilité et la hiérarchisation des risques sur le réseau, les terminaux et le nuage. Delve vous aidera à mieux vous défendre contre les adversaires les plus dangereux.

                Le logiciel de priorisation des vulnérabilités basé sur l’IA de Delve et les capacités de bout en bout de Secureworks constituent une puissante combinaison qui permettra d’améliorer toujours plus la plateforme Secureworks® Taegis™ XDR. Le logiciel Delve sera disponible à la vente par l’intermédiaire de Secureworks peu après la clôture de la transaction. Nous vous tiendrons informés de l’évolution des capacités de leur plateforme d’IA.

                Pour les clients de Delve, nous avons hâte de vous présenter l’équipe de Secureworks et de vous faire la démonstration de notre mission, à savoir concrétiser les progrès sur le plan humain en avançant plus rapidement et en nous positionnant mieux que nos adversaires.

                Sur une note plus personnelle, je tiens à remercier ceux d’entre vous qui ont fait confiance à Secureworks pour la protection de vos effectifs et des activités de votre entreprise. Au nom de notre équipe incroyable et résiliente, nous sommes reconnaissants d’être vos partenaires.

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                Michael R. Cote
                Chef de la direction

                July 20th, 2020

                Open Letter to Our Customers & Partners

                Building a Better World Together

                I have been thinking a lot lately about the events of 2020 which have truly changed our world – from the COVID-19 global pandemic, to the devastation of individuals, families and businesses that are going through the toughest of times. These unusual times have renewed our focus on the invaluable role every individual plays in our world.

                At the heart of our company is a singular purpose: to secure human progress by outpacing and outmaneuvering adversaries. To do this, we must work together as a community and continue to foster an environment – both professionally and personally – that brings out the best in each of us.

                Internally, we continue to have conversations about racial justice and socioeconomic inequality and what we can do as a company. While Secureworks has no tolerance for discrimination of any form in our workplace or employment practices, we know there is more we can – and will do – to foster a culture where our teammates can express their views and opinions. We also support and encourage our teammates to be responsible citizens and participate in political and civic activities in their communities where they live and work to make a difference. A few initial steps that we are taking internally as a company include revamping our training resources to better address unconscious bias, privilege, insider/outsider dynamics and gender role conditioning. We are also doing companywide forums to keep conversations going and encouraging volunteerism and giving in under-represented communities.

                Externally, we are revisiting ways we can do more with our partnerships with organizations that benefit people of color and others that are under-represented. This is a global issue and our Company’s headquarters sit in Atlanta, Georgia – a city where civil rights has long been championed. We will work to stay true to the goals of the civil rights movement.

                As a part of Dell Technologies, we’re also looking at how we can play an even greater role in the Dell Technologies Progress Made Real 2030 moonshot goals.

                We are committed to doing our very best for our customers, our partners, our teammates, and our communities. It starts with listening, being open to the conversations that are not always comfortable and acting on core values that are foundational to any great culture – things like integrity, inclusion, how we act and how we support each other.

                Join me in our Secureworks’ social impact commitment to make the world a better place together.

                Securely yours,

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                Michael R. Cote
                Chief Executive Officer, Secureworks
                #SCWXstrong #diversityandinclusion #socialimpact #BeYourself

                April 1st, 2020

                An Updated Letter to Our Customers & Partners from Secureworks CEO Mike Cote

                Simplifying how we protect our customers: COVID-19

                Dear Customers and Partners,

                At Secureworks, our purpose to secure human progress is our rallying cry. It’s why each of our team members around the globe wake-up every day and stand in the gap against cybercriminals on behalf of our customers. Finding new ways to live our purpose has great meaning to all of us.

                And so, the Secureworks team and I have been thinking about how we can get our solutions in the hands of more organizations who need protection like never before.

                I am pleased to share with you that Secureworks is bringing our best-of-breed solutions to help community-critical organizations like healthcare, education, and state and local government do their best work at a time filled with uncertainty, new ways of working, and the necessity for a remote workforce.

                Effective today, we announced that we are reducing both the financial burden and implementation time for the following solutions

                1. Healthcare, education, and municipalities with mandates for public safety and essential services are eligible for access to the benefits of a 40-hour retainer for six months at no upfront fee, along with expert incident response consulting, with the Flexible Incident Response Cybersecurity program.
                2. In order to help organizations who are currently in distress and resource challenged given today’s environment, we are committing to Crisis Deployment of Secureworks® Taegis™ ManagedXDR offering, which allows organizations instant access to Secureworks expertise 24/7 and the ability to recognize and respond to malicious activity faster.
                3. We have also brought Remote Access Vulnerability Assessments to market, and have already delivered many of them for customers, giving them specific action plans to assess and secure their complete environment. We know new remote working environments are being built in real-time. We want customers to have the right tools to pressure test the security of these new networks.

                These are only a few examples of how we’re innovating in cybersecurity and listening to the ever-changing needs of our customers. And as a 20-year old company, we’re in this for the long-haul and know our customers count on us each and every day.

                Our customers, partners, and communities are looking to us—not just for our cybersecurity expertise, but for our shared humanity. We keep companies secure as they enable remote workforces. We remain committed to outpacing and outmaneuvering threat actors who are targeting companies as they work quickly to ensure business continuity. We are here for our customers and the communities we call home, in locations all over the world.

                At Secureworks, we secure the technology that makes the world a better place, and we have to protect not just data, but each other, so that the work of advancing potential moves forward. Let us know how we can help you with your needs in these challenging times. We stand ready and we are here for you.

                Securely yours,

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                Michael R. Cote
                Chief Executive Officer 

                March 15th, 2020

                An Open Letter to Our Customers & Partners from Secureworks CEO Mike Cote

                Our Unwavering Commitment to our Customers & Partners: COVID-19

                Dear Customers & Partners,

                For 20 years you have been our primary concern at Secureworks. We’ve been here to keep you safe as you’ve used technology to grow your business, support employees, and change the world in unique ways in the markets you serve.

                In the face of COVID-19, which has now been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, our commitment to you has not changed.

                Our Communities

                Our hearts, our concern, and our sincere best wishes go out to everyone affected by the Coronavirus epidemic. We know people have been hurt physically, emotionally and economically by the events of the last several weeks. Please know that we will continue to partner with Dell Technologies through our matched financial and volunteer Giving Programs to help in the communities that need it most. On behalf of the entire Secureworks team, I want to thank the local communities and governments around the world for their great efforts.

                Our Cybersecurity Operations

                We know you depend on us, and I want you to know we are prepared with our own business continuity plans so that we can continue our commitment to be your essential cybersecurity partner in the digitally connected world. In accordance with our annually tested Pandemic Plan, we have put together a cross-functional team to closely monitor and analyze the situation and react to COVID-19 developments. Secureworks adheres to the regulations and guidelines from government authorities related to containment. In doing so, we are managing our business to limit the impact on our customers, team members, supply chain and stakeholders.

                The Secureworks Business Continuity Team is coordinating with our Managed Security Teams, as well as our Security Risk and Consulting and Incident Response Teams to help ensure that you do not experience any disruption or impact with your service. Your safety and wellbeing—both online and offline—are our priority.

                Securely yours,

                Michael R. Cote
                Chief Executive Officer 

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