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                Flexible Security Solutions

                April 1st, 2020

                An Updated Letter to Our Customers & Partners from Secureworks CEO Mike Cote

                Simplifying how we protect our customers: COVID-19

                Dear Customers and Partners,

                At Secureworks, our purpose to secure human progress is our rallying cry. It’s why each of our team members around the globe wake-up every day and stand in the gap against cybercriminals on behalf of our customers. Finding new ways to live our purpose has great meaning to all of us.

                And so, the Secureworks team and I have been thinking about how we can get our solutions in the hands of more organizations who need protection like never before.

                I am pleased to share with you that Secureworks is bringing our best-of-breed solutions to help community-critical organizations like healthcare, education, and state and local government do their best work at a time filled with uncertainty, new ways of working, and the necessity for a remote workforce.

                Effective today, we announced that we are reducing both the financial burden and implementation time for the following solutions

                1. Healthcare, education, and municipalities with mandates for public safety and essential services are eligible for access to the benefits of a 40-hour retainer for six months at no upfront fee, along with expert incident response consulting, with the Flexible Incident Response Cybersecurity program.
                2. In order to help organizations who are currently in distress and resource challenged given today’s environment, we are committing to Crisis Deployment of our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering, which allows organizations instant access to Secureworks expertise 24/7 and the ability to recognize and respond to malicious activity faster.
                3. We have also brought Remote Access Vulnerability Assessments to market, and have already delivered many of them for customers, giving them specific action plans to assess and secure their complete environment. We know new remote working environments are being built in real-time. We want customers to have the right tools to pressure test the security of these new networks.

                These are only a few examples of how we’re innovating in cybersecurity and listening to the ever-changing needs of our customers. And as a 20-year old company, we’re in this for the long-haul and know our customers count on us each and every day.

                Our customers, partners, and communities are looking to us—not just for our cybersecurity expertise, but for our shared humanity. We keep companies secure as they enable remote workforces. We remain committed to outpacing and outmaneuvering threat actors who are targeting companies as they work quickly to ensure business continuity. We are here for our customers and the communities we call home, in locations all over the world.

                At Secureworks, we secure the technology that makes the world a better place, and we have to protect not just data, but each other, so that the work of advancing potential moves forward. Let us know how we can help you with your needs in these challenging times. We stand ready and we are here for you.

                Securely yours,

                cote signature

                Mike Cote
                Chief Executive Officer 

                March 15th, 2020

                An Open Letter to Our Customers & Partners from Secureworks CEO Mike Cote

                Our Unwavering Commitment to our Customers & Partners: COVID-19

                Dear Customers & Partners,

                For 20 years you have been our primary concern at Secureworks. We’ve been here to keep you safe as you’ve used technology to grow your business, support employees, and change the world in unique ways in the markets you serve.

                In the face of COVID-19, which has now been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, our commitment to you has not changed.

                Our Communities

                Our hearts, our concern, and our sincere best wishes go out to everyone affected by the Coronavirus epidemic. We know people have been hurt physically, emotionally and economically by the events of the last several weeks. Please know that we will continue to partner with Dell Technologies through our matched financial and volunteer Giving Programs to help in the communities that need it most. On behalf of the entire Secureworks team, I want to thank the local communities and governments around the world for their great efforts.

                Our Cybersecurity Operations

                We know you depend on us, and I want you to know we are prepared with our own business continuity plans so that we can continue our commitment to be your essential cybersecurity partner in the digitally connected world. In accordance with our annually tested Pandemic Plan, we have put together a cross-functional team to closely monitor and analyze the situation and react to COVID-19 developments. Secureworks adheres to the regulations and guidelines from government authorities related to containment. In doing so, we are managing our business to limit the impact on our customers, team members, supply chain and stakeholders.

                The Secureworks Business Continuity Team is coordinating with our Managed Security Teams, as well as our Security Risk and Consulting and Incident Response Teams to help ensure that you do not experience any disruption or impact with your service. Your safety and wellbeing—both online and offline—are our priority.

                Securely yours,

                Mike Cote
                Chief Executive Officer