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                Counter Threat Platform™

                See More. Know More. Take the Right Action.

                The Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™ (CTP™) combines the speed and scalability of machine learning with the insight of human intelligence.

                Detect More Threats

                Detect More Threats

                With visibility across thousands of signals in your environment, you can be aware of when, where and why hackers act.
                Respond Smarter

                Respond Smarter

                The CTP leverages a supervised machine learning component that continuously powers our platform’s auto-resolve capabilities and rapid predictive capability delivery.
                Predict & Prevent Future Threats

                Predict & Prevent Future Threats

                Secureworks cuts through the noise of your security environments to help predict and prevent certain threats altogether.
                Machine Learning + Human Intelligence

                Machine learning processes billions of network events on-premises and in the cloud. Our CTU team, comprising 70-plus highly regarded international security researchers, enriches data with human insight to detect and stop threats before they affect your organization.

                The Network Effect

                Your security is strengthened by our visibility across an entire client base. Gain insight into real-world malicious tactics beyond what any business could achieve on their own. Together we are Collectively Smarter. Exponentially Safer.™



                Devices monitored


                Vendor products

                Threat groups monitored

                Visibility with Secureworks Client Portal

                Powered by CTP, the Client Portal offers visibility into your security and compliance posture with advanced reporting functionality integrated across all of our Managed Security and Threat Intelligence services.

                Accelerating Threat Detection

                For an innovative manufacturing company like McLaren Group, nothing compares to speed. As McLaren’s security partner, we understand how vanishing perimeters and exponential data growth can throw an organization off course. Working in partnership, we apply machine learning as well as human and artificial intelligence to process 30 billion logs annually, prioritizing legitimate threats while cutting out the noise that can hinder productivity and innovation. By providing real-time visibility to threat actors across McLaren’s global operations, we help ensure their renowned lightning-fast innovation isn’t impeded by security threats or by analysis paralysis.

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