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Advanced Malware Protection and Detection: Understanding the Evasive Adversary

Aaron Hackworth, Senior Distinguished Engineer, Counter Threat Unit, shares his perspective on how sophisticated threat actors are becoming increasingly adept at evading detection.

Advanced Malware Protection and Detection: Why Sandboxing Network Traffic is Critical

Aaron Hackworth, Senior Distinguished Engineer, Counter Threat Unit, discusses why emulating how a file is going to behave by executing it via a sandbox is critical to network security.

Advanced Malware Protection and Detection: Evasive Tactics and Sandboxing

Aaron Hackworth, Senior Distinguished Engineer, Counter Threat Unit, discusses the techniques that adversaries are using to circumvent sandboxes and get their malware payload through to your environment.

Advanced Malware Protection and Detection: A Developer’s Perspective

Ben Feinstein, Director of Operations & Development, Counter Threat Unit, discusses how applied intelligence and accurate diagnosis are the key to quickly combatting today’s evasive malware threats.

Security Awareness Training Webcast Sneak Preview

What your employees don’t know can hurt you. Organizations need to create vigilant employees to survive in the cyber security war. Dane Boyd, Security Awareness Training Consultant in the Dell SecureWorks CISO Office, provides a 6 minute overview from a recent full webcast to give you a high-level overview into the latest threat actor strategies as well as guidance on how to change employee behavior.

Advanced Malware Protection and Detection Network Security: A Researcher’s Perspective

Barry Hensley, Executive Director of Dell SecureWorks' Counter Threat Unit, shares his insights on the protection gaps associated with traditional security controls and offers his recommendations on what you need to have in place to combat today's sophisticated, evasive malware threats.

Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection: Endpoint Security Solutions

How can you know when an advanced threat actor penetrates your information security defenses, which systems are compromised, how they got in, and how to get them out? Dell SecureWorks Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection service is a fully-managed security service that gives you the earliest possible warning that your endpoint systems may be hosting an advanced adversary.

Endpoint Security - Jon Ramsey

Dell SecureWorks CTO Jon Ramsey gives an IT Executive’s perspective on how threat actors are crafting attacks that subvert anti-virus and anti-malware and go straight for the endpoint, and why more visibility into your endpoints is essential to detect and prevent intrusions.

Endpoint Security - Ron Henry

Insights on why endpoint security solutions provide more visibility than traditional security controls to help fully understand and eradicate modern day threat adversaries, from Dell SecureWorks’ Ron Henry, Senior Security Researcher, Counter Threat Unit (CTU).

Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection service

Mark Wood, Dell SecureWorks Director of Product Management, discusses how the Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection service gives you the earliest possible warning of the presence of an advanced threat actor penetrating your environment.

Endpoint Security – A Researcher's Perspective

Insights on why advanced threat actors choose endpoints as their avenues of approach for penetrating your cyber security defenses from Barry Hensley, Executive Director of Dell SecureWorks’ Counter Threat Unit.

Endpoint Security – A CISO's Perspective

Dell SecureWorks CISO Doug Steelman gives his perspective on why, thanks to advanced threat actors, your customer data and intellectual property are not solely yours, as they should be, and why continuous visibility in this contested space is essential to facilitate to rapid incident response and forensic investigation.

The 50/30/20 Rule of Security

Cyber criminals are targeting small businesses more than ever. They know small businesses often lack the strong information security defenses and resources, offering a path of least resistance to assets. While anti-virus software is an information security staple, it just isn’t enough. So, where does a small business start when building a stronger plan?

Dell SecureWorks' Ben Feinstein discusses tips on protecting yourself from a credit card security breach with CNN

Security expert Ben Feinstein offers tips on how to protect yourself from a credit card security breach.

Defending Your Infrastructure: Barry Hensley, Executive Director CTU

Barry Hensley, Dell SecureWorks Executive Director Counter Threat Unit, shares his recommendations on what you can do to help defend your IT infrastructure.

Incident Response Plan: Why You Need One: Don Smith, Dell SecureWorks CTU Team

It's critical to have a proven incident response plan in place. Don Smith of the Dell SecureWorks CTU team explains why.

Cyber Security Think Tank Discussion

On Tuesday, September 17th, Dell hosted a virtual Think Tank focused on top cyber security issues threatening today’s IT landscape. Participants included thought leaders and industry experts from the public and private sectors, media and analysts. The discussion was moderated by cyber security thought leader, John Pescatore.

Cyber Security: CTU Threat Intelligence Services

Cyber-attacks happen every minute of every day. It’s not a matter of if you will be attacked, but when and how. Attackers have an unlimited arsenal of methods at their disposal. You probably don’t. So how do you keep from suffering a significant loss of intellectual property, productivity, money and reputation?

Incident Response Services: Surgical response to cyber-attacks, armed with contextual threat intelligence

How Dell SecureWorks Incident Responders identify, contain and eradicate cyber attacks in three phases.

Incident Response Plan: 3 Most Important Elements

Do Advanced Threats create the need for changes in your Incident Response Plan?... Advanced threats and advanced persistent threats post significant risks if there isn't a solid incident response plan in place. Information security leaders give answers to, "What do you feel are the three most important elements of your Incident Response plan for your organization? Do you respond differently if it is an advanced threat?"

Incident Response: Real World Lessons Learned

Security leaders answer the question, "Based on your experience responding to incidents, what real world lessons were you able to apply from that experience?"

Incident Response – Five Things to Consider

Doug Steelman, Dell SecureWorks CISO, shares 5 things to consider when developing your Incident Response plan.

Barry Hensley, Executive Director CTU: Commodity vs. Advanced Threats

Barry Henlsey, Executive Director of the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit, explains the attributes of commodity vs. advanced threats and how they differ.

Barry Hensley, Executive Director CTU: Hacker Trends and Techniques

Barry Hensley, Executive Director Counter Threat Unit, Dell SecureWorks, provides insight into the current hacker trends and techniques including leveraging the cloud.

Dell Solutions for PCI Compliance

Watch this short video to learn more about Dell’s solutions for helping organizations meet and maintain PCI compliance. Learn how Dell helps merchants achieve PCI compliance more effectively and improve their information security with a combination of hardware, software, managed security services and security consulting.

CTO Jon Ramsey on: Who APT actors are targeting

Jon Ramsey, Dell SecureWorks CTO, provides a profile of the various company types and industries that can be a target for an advanced or advanced persistent threat attack.

CTO Jon Ramsey on: How APT actors research their targets.

Jon Ramsey, CTO of Dell SecureWorks and Dell Fellow, explains how APT threat actors can get into your networks and to your data.

CISO Doug Steelman on APT threat actors: “They’re focused, organized and funded.”

Dell SecureWorks CISO Doug Steelman provides insight into the mindset of hackers developing and deploying advanced threat attacks against their targets.

CISO Doug Steelman tells why you should focus on the “who” not the “what” of APTs

Doug Steelman, Dell SecureWorks CISO, explains why security professionals should pay attention to who is trying to get in rather than focusing on what the hackers are looking for.

New CNBC News Report on Zeus Bank Trojan

CNBC turns to Dell SecureWorks for its cyber security expertise in the filming of the riveting documentary: "Code Wars: America's Cyber Threat".

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