Tips & Articles - PCI DSS Compliance Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS?

What is the role of the PCI Security Standards Council?

Where can I find the list of PCI DSS requirements?

Are there any benefits to PCI DSS compliance?

What kinds of organizations may be impacted by PCI DSS compliance standards?

Who enforces the PCI DSS requirements?

Why is PCI DSS compliance important?

Do the PCI DSS compliance requirements apply to merchants outside the U.S.?

Do the PCI DSS requirements apply to just large organizations?

What happens to a small business when they don't know enough about PCI DSS and suffer a breach?

What are the PCI DSS compliance validation requirements for different merchant levels?

How often is PCI DSS validation required?

If I use a third-party to process payments, or an ecommerce platform, do I still need to worry about PCI compliance?

What kind of vulnerability scanning is required to validate compliance?

Why engage Dell SecureWorks to assist with PCI compliance?

What kinds of services does Dell SecureWorks offer for mid-size or smaller merchants?

What kinds of consulting services does Dell SecureWorks offer for PCI compliance?

What other products and services does Dell offer to help merchants with PCI compliance? How do Dell SecureWorks services complement them?

Does Dell SecureWorks provide PCI compliance services for PCI service providers?

What are some of the practical challenges companies face when trying to maintain PCI compliance?

What are some of the technical challenges companies face when trying to maintain PCI compliance?

Is an annual ROC or SAQ all that is required to be PCI compliant? How can companies better maintain PCI compliance?

If my organization is certified as PCI compliant, does it mean it is secure?

What do I need to consider regarding mobile devices and tablets for employees in a store environment, as it relates to PCI compliance?

I am new to PCI and have no idea where to start. What do you suggest?

What is PCI PFI?

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