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Targeted Threat Intelligence Services

Today, Dell SecureWorks launches its new portfolio of Targeted Threat Intelligence services to complement our existing Global Threat Intelligence offering. These services are designed to give organizations actionable intelligence on cyber threats specifically directed at their organizations. We work to identify and assess targeted threats and the actors behind them, gain insight into ongoing exploits at a detailed level, and give you clear guidance so you can take proactive steps to defend against them. We developed these services in response to the growing desire expressed by IT and IT Security leaders for greater visibility and more advance notice into threats directed specifically at their organizations. The portfolio of services includes Enterprise Brand Surveillance and Executive Threat Surveillance.

Targeted or ?advanced? threats represent a much higher risk to enterprises than traditional commodity or non-targeted threats.

As we noted in an earlier white paper on this topic, an ?Advanced Threat,? in simplest terms, is a targeted exploit. Advanced threat actors deliberately select an organization and mount offensives to penetrate security defenses and get access to the assets of the targeted organization. The actors behind these threats are driven by specific motives and objectives which include financial gain, competitive advantage, intelligence collection, intellectual property theft, and embarrassment or harm to your organization. Actors include hacktivists, cybercriminals, nation-states, and cyber espionage groups, to name a few. Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) represents the most organized, sophisticated and persistent threats among targeted threats.

IT security organizations need strong capabilities to identify these actors, their motives, and understand their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) to effectively prevent them from achieving their objectives. To this end, the Dell SecureWorks Targeted Threat Intelligence services portfolio heightens and extends security teams? visibility into threats that are specifically targeting their organizations.

What about your organization? Do you have the visibility you need into both day-to-day security concerns, as well as more serious threats?

Learn more about Dell SecureWorks Targeted Threat Intelligence services.

Read the Press Release.

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