White Paper: Why Data Protection Law Supports the Use of Managed Security Services: Debunking the Myths

European data protection law permits an organization to use a Managed Security Service Provider ('MSSP') such as Dell SecureWorks.  Actually, not only does the law permit the use of a MSSP, but in many respects it also supports it, in the sense that good quality managed security services provide an enhanced level of security measures, expertise and awareness and enable organizations to make efficient use of their resources, thereby enabling them to achieve better data security and meet the requirements of the law.  This White Paper has been prepared by Dell SecureWorks in collaboration with legal firm Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP.  It explains the legal position and considers the characteristics of a good quality MSSP for data protection law purposes.  In doing so, it debunks certain common myths about European data protection law, such as that it prohibits the use of third parties in data processing operations or the transfer of data to other European Union (EU) countries or outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

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