Counter Threat Platform

The Counter Threat Platform (CTP) is Dell SecureWorks' proprietary Managed Security Services platform, used to intelligently defend customers against threats. With a multi-tenant, distributed architecture, the CTP analyzes billions of events and helps to protect thousands of customers worldwide.

As the technology backbone of our Managed Security Services, the CTP:

Applies intelligence to protect your organization from emerging and existing threats
The CTP integrates context from security activity in customer environments with global threats across all of our customers and research from our Counter Threat Unit research team. With this context, our certified security experts deliver faster, more accurate threat detection and response.

As part of the CTP, intelligence is used in all phases of service delivery. Intelligence from our global threat visibility and CTU research is applied to security device signatures and policies, attacker black lists, event correlation, threat analysis and response procedures. As a result, customers receive smarter, more effective protection.

Adapts to your changing security and compliance needs
As the CTU research team and our Security Operations Centers use the CTP to deliver services, their input is integrated by the CTP in a constant loop of expert feedback to deliver adaptive protection against threats. As the threat landscape changes, high fidelity countermeasures are deployed across all customers to defend against emerging threats.

Also, the CTP can support your environment today and in the future with a broad range of supported devices and event sources extending to virtually any security device or critical information asset. This allows you to use the security technologies that are best for your organization without being limited. With a full range of deployment models and integration options, the CTP allows our services to extend across your enterprise and tightly align with your operational processes for seamless security workflow.

Delivers an exceptional customer experience
As a service provider, your experience as a Dell SecureWorks customer is our highest priority. The CTP reflects this focus and is purposefully designed to provide a customer experience that exceeds your expectations. Intelligent automation and streamlined SOC tools within CTP allow our certified professionals to apply their expertise more effectively and provide high touch, expert service delivery.

Through advanced reporting functionality, the CTP also gives you meaningful security insights and perspectives. Based on an asset-based data model, information is integrated across all managed security services throughout your enterprise and prioritized by risk and asset criticality. Integrated business intelligence tools within the portal apply powerful analytics and visualization to your security data. The portal also features more than 100 pre-built and customizable reports that help reduce your audit and compliance burden.

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