iSensor Intrusion Prevention Service

iSensor is Dell SecureWorks' proprietary managed intrusion prevention service. Performing in-line deep packet inspection, iSensor eliminates malicious inbound and outbound traffic in real time. The iSensor service features thousands of unique countermeasures including rules and other proprietary blocking mechanisms. Leveraging Dell SecureWorks' global security visibility, our highly respected security research group continuously updates iSensor's countermeasures, ensuring protection against Zero-Day attacks and other emerging threats.

The iSensor service runs four software components: an internal firewall, a health-and-wellness monitoring system, an intrusion prevention system, and a remote configuration and management system. Remote configuration is the link connecting iSensor, our security experts and the network they are protecting. Through remote configuration, security experts push new attack rules to the iSensor service automatically, apply software updates with no effort required by the customer, and monitor the health and wellness of the appliance.

Managed and monitored by Dell SecureWorks' experienced team of security professionals 24x7, the iSensor IPS service is an ideal turnkey intrusion prevention solution that provides proactive protection from Internet threats with minimal capital investment and overhead.

World Class Intrusion Prevention

The managed iSensor service has been recognized for providing the highest levels of security and for making networks safer. We've detected and blocked countless attacks against our customers, both targeted and broad-based.

iSensor Features

  • Security for any TCP/IP-based Ethernet network
  • Integrated intrusion prevention system
  • Enables 24x7 real-time intervention
  • Automatic updates to intrusion prevention system attack countermeasure database
  • The Dell SecureWorks Customer Portal provides secure, web-based access to attack reports, configuration tools and an escalation matrix
  • Remote configuration and management system for secure web-based configuration, secure alert transmission and automatic updates to software
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