Enterprise Security ServicesYour enterprise faces a complex security landscape with new attack types and threat vectors emerging every day. There are also a myriad of regulatory requirements that you have to satisfy, and prove compliance to auditors and senior leadership. And security teams are too often bogged down managing disjointed security tools and chasing false positives.     

Coupled with budget constraints and how difficult it is to find, train and retain staff with the right security expertise, it becomes quite clear that IT security groups are stretched too thin.

Security professionals also want to enable their businesses to embrace new technologies like cloud and mobility solutions, but find themselves unable to support these initiatives due to competing priorities. The threat landscape is undergoing constant transformation, and techniques and strategies from last year are simply not enough this year.

Organizations choose to partner with Dell SecureWorks because we understand these challenges and provide a diverse portfolio of information security services that empower security teams to focus their resources where they make the most sense. Dell SecureWorks serves as an extension of your security team, filling in the gaps where needed to augment your capabilities and help you achieve your security objectives.

Protect against advancing threats

Staying ahead of information security threats requires constant vigilance over your architecture. Commodity threats are everywhere and continuously exploit unpatched vulnerabilities. Covert attacks can slowly steal data using new and creative ways, while others use simple methods that have worked for years. Regardless of how a network is infiltrated, the risk of losing data continues to increase.

Real threat intelligence is an important component of all phases of Dell SecureWorks’ service delivery. Findings from our global threat visibility and Counter Threat Unit (CTU) research is quickly applied to security device signatures and policies, attacker black lists, event correlation, threat analysis and response procedures. Security analysts, researchers and consultants all share information through an open feedback loop, providing content and context for every type of engagement. As a result, customers receive smarter, more effective protection. 

Simplify compliance

Organizations contend with industry, state and national security compliance regulations that seem to be growing in volume and complexity. Most organizations are familiar with industry regulations such as PCI, HIPAA and FFIEC. There are also more than 700 U.S. state and federal security-related laws, including data breach laws covering every U.S. state, and varying data privacy and security laws around the world.

Dell SecureWorks helps enterprises make compliance a byproduct of their security program. Our experts are available when you need them and have expertise in a wide variety of regulatory compliance frameworks, industry best practices and developing effective internal controls. Our services simplify the compliance process, closing any gaps and easily demonstrating compliance by automating reports for management, auditors and examiners.

The Customer Portal contains hundreds of pre-built and customizable reports as well as a flexible dashboard, providing meaningful security intelligence and comprehensive visibility into your security posture.

Do more with your resources

Constrained budgets are a given in today's difficult economy. You have to find a way to ensure you're getting the most out of your security investments. But it's challenging to efficiently reach your security objectives when there is a scarcity of experienced talent available to you and the prospect of costly and unexpected incidents is forever looming. Security professionals are in high demand today, which means it will be expensive to attract, train and retain the ones you want.

Dell SecureWorks enables you to extend your team with certified experts from our Security Operations Centers, Counter Threat Unit and Security & Risk Consulting teams to anticipate threats, manage events and respond to incidents when they do occur. Our next-generation security management technology, the Counter Threat Platform, and certified Security Analysts virtually eliminate false positives so you can focus on true threats to your organization, making your team more efficient and strategic.

Enable IT transformation  

As information technology advances to deliver new efficiencies and business methods, security can’t stand in the way. You can raise concerns and delay, but critical business needs will always trump security concerns. Whether its cloud computing, social media, IT consumerization or mobility, you need to understand the real risks and find a clear path to securing these new initiatives.

You shouldn’t have to say "no" to good ideas simply because you don't have the time or resources to assess them. Relying on a security partner like Dell SecureWorks, you can prioritize business needs while remaining confident that daily operations are covered and trusted advisors are available for guidance when needed.

Our Information Security Services for the Enterprise include:

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Dell SecureWorks serves as an expert extension of customer staff to manage day-to-day security operations.

Services include:

  • 24x7 Security Monitoring
  • Security Device Management
  • Firewalls
  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Web Application Firewalls
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Log Retention and Management

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Threat Intelligence 

Threat Intelligence

Security researchers comb the Web and analyze activity across global customer base to identify emerging threats and notify customers before the attacks hit their network.

Services include:

  • Threat, Vulnerability and Advisory Feeds
  • Emerging Threat Bulletins (CTU Tips)
  • Microsoft Update Analysis
  • Weekly Intelligence Summary
  • Cybersecurity News Roundup
  • Live Intelligence Briefings
  • CTU Support
  • Custom Malware Analysis
  • Attacker Database Feed

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 Security & Risk Consulting Services

Security and Risk Consulting

Our expert consultants possess a wide range of specialties and expertise to meet your security and compliance needs.  

  • Security Testing and Assessments
  • Incident Response and Digital Forensics
  • Compliance and Certification
  • Residency Services
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Security and Governance Program Development

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