Malware Code Analysis

Understand the True Threat You Face

With thousands of new malware code exploits created daily, understanding the nature of the threat in your network is critical to eradicating the threat. Doing so can be complex without the proper expertise in-house, especially when dealing with new and emerging threats.

Through Dell SecureWorks' Malware Code Analysis service, if your environment has been effected by mobile malicious code of an unknown type, such as a “zero day exploit,” we attempt to reverse engineer the code to better understand its behavior and its impact to your systems and information.

The Malware Code Analysis service can be performed in concert with Incident Response Handling services, should the incident warrant the need. Malware code analysis also can be conducted remotely as a standalone service.

Analyze and eradicate the malicious code from your environment

Understanding the unique threat malicious code poses is half the battle. Once you understand it, you need to know how to eradicate it. 

Dell SecureWorks’ Malware Code Analysis service provides extensive malicious code analysis expertise, powered by our Counter Threat Unit research team. Using advanced computer forensic tools and techniques, our experts thoroughly dissect malware from a security incident to determine its functionality, purpose, composition and source.

As part of our Malware Code Analysis service, our security experts provide a brief technical document outlining the results of their analysis. Our experts will offer an opinion on the malware code’s potential impact to your organization, and its effect on your networks, systems and information assets. Most importantly, our experts will detail recommendations for malware removal and recovery activities.

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