Advanced Threat Services

Dell SecureWorks Advanced Threat Services elevate your defenses with key capabilities needed to effectively resist targeted cyber security threats.

Successful defense against advanced threats requires integrated cyber threat intelligence, information security operations and incident response. Fueled by Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unitâ„¢ (CTU) intelligence, Advanced Threat Services help you anticipate your cyber attackers, detect their tradecraft, disrupt the kill chain and eradicate their presence in your environment. 

A comprehensive suite of IT security services to combat targeted cyber attacks

Addressing the entire cyber attack cycle, the Advanced Threat Services portfolio is the first and only comprehensive suite of information security services designed specifically to combat targeted attacks. 

Know adversary methods, early kill chain cyber threat activity detection, disrupt kill chain, stop cyber-attack,  eradicate advanced threat actor presence, remove cyber threat, maximize kill chain protection protecting against adversary 

Dell SecureWorks Advanced Threat Services include:

Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection

The Dell SecureWorks Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection service gives you the earliest possible warning that your endpoints may be hosting an advanced adversary.

Learn about Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection

Enterprise iSensor

The Dell SecureWorks Enterprise iSensor IPS service reduces information security risks as it helps you identify and eliminate malicious inbound and outbound information security risks around the clock, without the burden of device or signature management, and without increasing in-house headcount.

 Learn about Enterprise iSensor

Managed Advanced Malware Protection

Dell SecureWorks Managed Advanced Malware Protection (MAMP) detects and blocks advanced malware delivered via email and web content, often used by targeted threat actors.

Learn about Managed Advanced Malware Protection

Managed Security Awareness Programs

Build a culture of information security awareness by having Dell SecureWorks design, implement and fully manage a comprehensive program for your organization Learn more about a fully integrated Managed Security Awareness Program.

Learn more about Managed Security Awareness Programs

Red Team Testing

Dell SecureWorks Red Team Testing simulates a real-world cyber attack against your organization using blended information security threat scenarios that test the effectiveness of your IT security defenses, policies and staff against a targeted threat adversary.

Learn about Red Team Testing

Targeted Threat Hunting

The Dell SecureWorks Targeted Threat Hunting service searches your network-based and host-based systems to identify the presence of compromises and entrenched cyber threat actors operating in your environment.

Learn about Targeted Threat Hunting

Targeted Threat Intelligence

Dell SecureWorks Targeted Threat Intelligence services allow organizations to identify and assess targeted cyber threats and the malicious actors behind them, gain insight into ongoing exploits at a detailed level, and take proactive steps to defend against them.

Learn about Targeted Threat Intelligence

Targeted Threat Response

The Dell SecureWorks Targeted Threat Response service provides rapid containment and eradication of sophisticated targeted threats, minimizing the duration and impact of an information security breach.

Learn about Targeted Threat Response





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