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Network Security TestingNetwork Security Testing helps organizations identify and demonstrate vulnerabilities and determine actual risk, validate security defenses against simulated attacks and meet compliance mandates. Dell SecureWorks takes a security-centric approach, instead of one driven by compliance. Our expert testers work with you and your organization to determine the right cybersecurity tests and assessments to develop an overall stronger security posture. Testing services range from Penetration Testing, Social Engineering and Red Team.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test (also known as “ethical hacking”) determines how well your organization's security controls protect your assets by gaining access to your systems in the same way a cyberattacker would. Dell SecureWorks Penetration Testing (Pen Test) services test your network security defenses and help your organization meet compliance with government and industry regulations.

  • Vulnerability Assessment - validates host configurations and gets an accurate accounting of vulnerabilities in your environment that pose a real risk to your organization.
  • Penetration Testing – helps your organization meet compliance requirements and show how an attacker would gain unauthorized access to your environment by compromising your email systems, firewalls, routers, VPN tunnels, web servers and other devices.
    • Penetration Test - provides network testing, validates your configuration and patch management, and identifies the steps you can take to improve security.
    • Advanced Penetration Test – is more complete test and continues beyond a penetration test to identify methods that a hacker could use to gain full, persistent control of a system to use that system as a base for attacks deeper into your network.

Network Equipment Tests

Our experienced security consultants can test your networks, systems, facilities and employees. Through use of “real-world” strategies and tactics used by threat actors, we determine where your security is strong and where gaps exist that could lead to a compromise.

  • Wireless Network Penetration – evaluates the security of your wireless network infrastructure and assesses your compliance.
  • Wardialing – probes the simplest of network devices, your faxes and modems, which are accessible through traditional telephone carrier connections and vulnerable to phone auto-dialer attacks.

Social Engineering

Employees still represent a possible weak link in security for many organizations. Social Engineering your employees, using “true-to-life” tactics, is the most effective way to test workers against non-technical threats posed by social engineers.

  • Phishing: Click and Log - deploys a distinct simulated phishing email (“PhishTest”) to a significant population of your employees to test whether they click on malicious links that they shouldn’t.
  • Phishing: Endpoint Attack – tests user security awareness by manipulating individuals to perform malicious actions or provide sensitive information over email. The content used in these scenarios ranges from generic, spam-like messages to client-specific emails that are designed to appear to originate from internal users, third-party service providers, or customers.
  • Vishing: Phone – the telephone equivalent of phishing, vishing is an attempt to verbally steer the user into surrendering sensitive information like passwords, or to execute malicious software that gives attackers remote control of their workstation. Our experts work with you to identify appropriate scenarios to test your employees to prevent attackers from thwarting common phishing security controls.



Data Sheet - Technical Testing Network SecurityLearn more about how you can address network security with Dell SecureWorks Network Security Testing.

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