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InfographicSecurity Awareness TrainingHow strong is your firewall? Download the Security Awareness Training Infographic (PDF)

It’s just too easy. Cyber-threat actors are targeting your company and getting what they want. Through the process of Social Engineering, they research information from various public and social media websites and then settle on a course of action – to target your CEO through the CEO’s administrative assistant. The cyber attackers create a fake profile on Facebook and “friend” the assistant who accepts their request. The actors then use information about the assistant’s profile to send a spear-phishing email to the assistant’s work address. Email received, link clicked, payload delivered, foothold established. Without an Anti-Phishing Incident Response Plan, your environment is wide open after that - and all because an employee didn’t have the proper information security training and awareness to guard against a cyber-threat that would seek to exploit her trust.

We can help you prepare your employees against cyber and social engineering attacks like these. With Dell SecureWorks Security Awareness Training solutions, we can help you assess your current Information Security Awareness Training programs, design new programs by top IT security advisors and provide specialized training to address areas of greatest concern to your organization. Going beyond compliance, Dell SecureWorks Security Awareness Training Solutions change employee behavior and reduce risk to your organization.

We offer the following Information Security Training services:

Cyber Security Training OnDemand

OnDemand Security Training

Easy-to-use, cloud-based portal for managers to administer self-directed information security awareness and industry compliance training to employees. Learn more about OnDemand Security Training and see how simple it is to conduct your own network security classes.

Network Security Training Needs Assessment

Security Awareness Needs Assessment

A comprehensive analysis of the current state and effectiveness of your IT security awareness training programs. Learn more about analyzing your IT Security Awareness needs and the benefits of security awareness training.

IT Security Awareness Program Development

Security Awareness Program Development

Design effective Security Awareness Training programs based on best practices and the expert advice of top information security advisers. Learn how Dell SecureWorks can help develop information security classes and training programs for your organization.

Custom Cyber Security Training Services

Custom Security Training Services

Tailored specifically to your organization, developed with flexible instructions and professional training support performed by Dell SecureWorks Subject Matter Experts. Learn more on how to create a customized cyber security training program with Dell SecureWorks.

Phishing training & testing: Security Awareness Training Service

Managed Phishing

Heighten employee information security awareness against phishing attacks through testing and learning reinforcement, and reduce risk posed by your employees. Learn more about Managed Phishing testing and training.

Managed Network & Cyber Security Awareness Training Program

Managed Security Awareness Programs

Build a culture of information security awareness by having Dell SecureWorks design, implement and fully manage a comprehensive program for your organization Learn more about a fully integrated Managed Security Awareness Program.

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