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Mobile device usage in healthcare facilities has increased significantly in recent years, with more than 2 out of 5 physicians already using a smartphone or tablet during patient consultations. The potential benefits to adoption of these devices are compelling, including facilitation of patient involvement in the care process, as well as increased efficiencies and cost savings for the organization. However, mobile device usage is also fraught with risks that must be carefully managed to avoid penalties and damaged reputation from breaches of Personal Health Information (PHI). With a strong demand from clinicians to use personal devices in the workplace, concerns around how to track, encrypt, and manage these devices must be balanced with processes for how they are governed, and ensure that the balance is justified by enhanced productivity of clinicians and the organization as a whole.

Dell SecureWorks mobile device security services for healthcare include:

Mobile Application Security Assessment

Dell SecureWorks offers a Mobile Application Security Assessment methodology specifically geared to mobile platforms and applications. Each engagement is based on standard, repeatable processes, but is scoped and planned individually. The testing typically combines both automated and manually testing for known vulnerabilities and undiscovered exposures. Specific techniques will vary based on mobile platform, purpose of the application(s), coding practices and quality of the application(s), and the unique deployment environment.

This assessment service is a holistic and prioritized approach to testing mobile applications which reduces your overall risks and associated remediation costs.

Incident Response and Digital Forensics

The need for forensics and incident response around mobile devices increases as the use of these devices increases. Potential incidents can range from malware or rogue applications, to lost devices, to employee abuse. These problems are not unique to mobile devices, but to effectively manage an incident where mobile devices are involved, often requires specialized tools and knowledge.

The differences between recent mobile devices and traditional equipment means that special consideration must be taken when performing forensic analyses on the devices. Traditional forensic techniques for examining the contents of the device must be modified to acquire data from mobile devices. This requires special hardware, software and training. Dell SecureWorks has these capabilities in our Forensic Analysis service and continues to build them as more and more specialization is required.

Mobile malware represents yet another specialized area of security and risk considerations. The options for automated mobile malware detection and removal are limited on these devices. This increases the likelihood that malicious code could go undetected for long periods of time on a mobile device. However, Dell SecureWorks can provide analysis of the malware through our Incident Response Malware Analysis services.

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