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Managed Security Services and Compliance Solutions for Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions are pressured to manage the bottom line while providing increasingly convenient online services and maintaining personalized and intimate customer relationships. Customer confidence in the bank's ability to secure personal financial information is a prerequisite for implementing the integrated services that ultimately provide satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

There are certain compliance requirements all Financial Institutions must meet set by the GLBA/FFIEC in protecting customer information. Information security programs must be in place to ensure customer information confidentiality and security, protect against potential threats or hazards to personal information (such as a cyber-attack) and also protect against unauthorized access to or use of a customer's personal information. Dell SecureWorks supports GLBA/FFIEC through several IT Security and Risk Consulting solutions to meet compliance requirements.

PCI Compliance for Financial Institutions

Dell SecureWorks provides several PCI Compliance services for Financial Institutions. If your organization is due for an assessment, a PCI Readiness Assessment can be completed to determine the scope of your cardholder data environment or even build an entire infrastructure to PCI Compliance. We can also assist you with completing a PCI-SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) based on your requirements reviews. A PCI Gap Analysis can also be conducted to review your current potential areas of non-compliance.

EI3PA Audit Services for Financial Institutions

EI3PA Audit services provide you the assurance that your organization meets the requirements established by Experian. Financial Institutions must meet the Experian Independent Third Party Assessment (EI3PA) requirements if they transmit, store, process or provide consumer credit data from Experian and are subject to audits performed by a certified QSA. Dell SecureWorks is a PCI Approved Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) and will assist your organization to meet the compliance requirements with EI3PA.

Red Team Testing Services for Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions hold security sensitive personal information ranging from addresses, social security numbers and personal account information that cyber attackers want. Having this information compromised can cost an organization several millions to address after a network security breach has occurred. Red Team Testing from Dell SecureWorks assess your information security posture by conducting cyber-attack simulations using real-world tactics, techniques and procedures a hacker would use to breach your organization.

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