HIPAA Compliance Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

What is HIPAA Compliance?

The goal of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is to simplify the administrative processes of the healthcare system and to protect patients’ privacy. Information security considerations are involved throughout the guidelines and play a major role in the HIPAA Privacy Rule to achieve compliance. The purpose of this rule is to protect personally identifiable information (PII) as it moves through the healthcare system. Healthcare organizations, including providers, payers and clearinghouses, must comply with the Privacy Rule.

Importance of HIPAA Compliance

To help healthcare organizations comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, Security Standards have been created to help organizations protect PII. These standards encompass administrative procedures, technical security mechanisms and services, and physical safeguards. Security Standards compliance and overall HIPAA compliance outlined by the Act is imperative to the ongoing business operations of healthcare companies. Failure to be HIPAA compliant and follow the Privacy Rule may not only result in regulatory actions, such as fines, but also direct business loss from lawsuits, damage to reputation and degradation of the public’s trust.

Dell SecureWorks HIPAA Healthcare Compliance Services

Dell SecureWorks offers a full breadth of services to help healthcare organizations address HIPAA compliance Security Standards. We have extensive experience partnering with healthcare providers and we can help you improve your security and compliance posture while reducing costs. As described below, our Enterprise Security Services and Professional Services align directly with many components of the HIPAA Security Standards.

HIPAA Compliance Privacy Rule & Healthcare Information Security

Click here to view a brief history of healthcare security regulation.

HIPAA Requirements under Privacy Rule

Administrative Safeguards to be HIPAA Compliant


Security Management Process

Workforce Security

Information Access Management

Security Awareness and Training

Security Incident Procedures

Contingency Plan


Physical Safeguards to be HIPAA Compliant


Facility Access Controls

Workstation Use

Workstation Security

Device and Media Controls

Technical Safeguards to be HIPAA Compliant


Access Control

Audit Controls

Transmission Security


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