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Speaking Engagements

date event location speakers topics
12/01/14 ICCE 2014 Ottowa, Canada Claudio Damaso Corporate Espionage and Industrial Security
12/02/14 Dell Canada Security Roadshow - Ottawa Ottawa, QC Claudio Damaso Threat Intelligence
12/03/14 Dell Canada Security Roadshow - Montreal Montréal, QC Claudio Damaso Threat Intelligence
12/04/14 Dell Canada Security Roadshow Quebec City Claudio Damaso Threat Intelligence
12/09/14 Dell Canada Security Roadshow - Winnipeg Winnipeg, MB Claudio Damaso Threat Intelligence
12/11/14 Dell Canada Security Roadshow - Vancouver Vancouver, BC Charles Ravenhill Threat Intelligence
01/13/15 Dell Canada Security Roadshow - Calgary Calgary Charles Ravenhill Threat Intelligence
01/15/15 Dell Canada Security Roadshow - Edmonton Edmonton Charles Ravenhill Threat Intelligence

Exhibiting Events

date event location (s)
12/02/14 CISO Executive Summit - Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA
12/02/14 CISO Executive Summit - New Jersey Hanover, NJ
12/02/14 CISO Executive Summit - San Francisco San Francisco, CA
12/03/14 SANS Healthcare Summit San Francisco, CA
12/03/14 CISO Executive Summit - Chicago Chicago, IL
12/10/14 Pileum Security Lunch and Learn Knoxville, TN
12/10/14 CISO Executive Summit - Toronto Toronto, ON
02/18/15 2015 Enterprise Security Summit Atlanta, GA
04/26/15 Midsize Enterprise Summit-East Orlando, FL
09/20/15 Midsize Enterprise summit-West Los Angeles, CA

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